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Zuckerberg wants everyone to work in virtual reality

2 min readAug 22, 2021

Facebook is bringing the office to VR with Horizon Workrooms. This is fucking creepy!

Book Your Face. Some initial thoughts on Facebook… | by M.G. Siegler

First and foremost, Facebook continues to straddle a very fine line with all of their recent PR work. The company is in the crosshairs more and more each day for being too ingrained in our lives and as such, influencing humanity in ways that are at best unknown and at worst, potentially disastrous. And so they… launch a product where you must strap a computer to your face with screens just inches from your eyes to more fully immerse yourself in Facebook. Okay.

Work From Borg — by Charlie Warzel — Galaxy Brain

Here’s something I didn’t think I was going to say this morning: I don’t think Facebook’s virtual reality, work from home software is ridiculous.

I don’t like that I feel this way. I didn’t want to feel this way. I am not a big fan of Facebook and I am extremely wary of the company colonizing more parts of the tech ecosystem, including enterprise technology. Right off the bat, given the platform’s privacy track record, companies might want to think twice…and then three times before entrusting their (likely confidential) meetings to it. I don’t trust this company and don’t want them to be doing this, which makes it very hard to abstain from dunking on this:




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