Why I’m moving back to Evernote from Apple Notes for most of my note taking.

I left Evernote when the new Apple Notes came out for iOS 9 and El Capitan. I’m now considering Evernote again. My biggest pet peeve with Notes is that when you save from the share sheet you can’t select the folder that you want to save to. That means you have to take extra steps to open Notes and move the note to the folder that you would like to keep it in.

In addition:

Notes isn’t very user-friendly for just plain writing or journaling.

With Notes you’re only able to share to it from Safari and since Chrome is my go-to browser that’s a problem. I also use Firefox from time to time. So the plus for Evernote is that it works across all three browsers.

The type on OS X is very small, with no way to adjust it, and for an old man, it’s difficult to read.

And lastly, when you save a web page to Notes it only saves a link with a brief title. Therefore, you’ll have click the link in order to read the page and it will open in your default browser for reading.

In conclusion I will use both, but for very different reasons. Apple Notes is perfect for everyday use, it’s quick, uncluttered lets me keep on top of what’s recent. Evernote is for everything else.

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