Why are Mac users so unhappy with their Mac?

2 min readMay 18, 2023

Quoting Denny Henke:

I’ve written here many times about my gradual transition to being a full time iPad user. It was gradual and complete. I learned iPadOS and became comfortable with it. With each new iteration of iPadOS I’ve been more satisfied as new features were added. But throughout that time I’ve generally been satisfied, no, delighted by the iPad. I don’t spend my time longing for the iPad to have Mac features or to have it be a Mac. I wish the same for Mac users, that they can learn to be satisfied with what they have in the Mac and not spend so much time wishing for a different computer.

I’m not currently an iPad-only user, but I aspire to become one. Like Denny, I have been gradually transitioning towards being iPad-first although I may never get there. Here’s why: I find managing iPadOS to be simpler compared to macOS.

OS Updates and Upgrades: I have never encountered any issues with iPadOS updates or upgrades. However, I have experienced problems with macOS updates, including a particularly serious one. That’s why my MacBook Air is still running Monterey instead of being upgraded to Ventura. Honestly, I’m afraid to perform the fucking upgrade.

Device Backup: One of the advantages of iPadOS is that it automatically backs up to iCloud. On the other hand, macOS requires setting up an external drive with Time Machine for backup purposes.

I’m excited to see what’s coming to iPadOS and iOS at WWDC. ​

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