The reporting, by the Tech press, on Evernote’s “Free Basic Plan” limitation to two devices has been misleading

There has been a lot of press lately about Evernote’s changes to their Free Basic Service. One of the changes was to limit the number of devices that you can be signed into at one time to two.

Here’s how Evernote counts device’s:

How are devices counted?

Each device where you’re signed into Evernote counts toward your device limit.

If you have multiple devices of the same type, each one counts toward your device limit. For example, if you sign in to your Evernote account on two different iPhones, it’s counted as two devices.

The tech press’s reporting on this has been somewhat misleading. They have been reporting two devices rather than signed into two devices. This may be splitting hairs but I don’t think so. This originally caused me to believe that I could only have the Evernote app installed on two of my three devices. Here are a couple of examples.

MacRumors August 18,2016:

Microsoft’s OneNote Import Tool is timely because Evernote recently made a policy change that has pushed users into seeking other note taking services. As of late June, customers who use a free Evernote basic account are only able to access their notes on a total of two devices. Accessing Evernote content on more than two devices now requires an Evernote subscription, priced at $3.99 per month or $34.99 per year.

Lifehacker June 28, 2016

Today, Evernote announced a change to its pricing plan alongside a new limitation for it’s free service. Both the Plus and Premium paid tiers get a price bump while the Basic plan now restricts you to just two devices.

The biggest sting is the fact the free Basic plan now limits you to two devices per account, like a computer and a phone, two computers, or a phone and a tablet.

Sadly this reporting may have prompted some long time Evernote users to switch to another service like OneNote when they really didn’t need to.

I have an iPhone, iMac, and MacBook Pro all with the Evernote app installed. That’s three devices. I’m still able to use the Evernote app on all three devices. The limitation is that I can only be signed into Evernote on two of the three devices at one time. So lets say I’m logged into Evernote on my iPhone and my iMac and I want to use Evernote on my MacBook. All I have to do is start the login process on my MacBook and the login process will ask me to choose which two devices I want to be signed in on. At this point I can choose my MacBook and one other device.

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This is a small inconvenience but I can still use the Evernote app on all three of my devices.

I hope this article has been helpful.

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