My Blogging Workflow

1 min readMay 23, 2024


Inspired by a recent trend on other blogs, Manu recently shared his blogging workflow. Here’s a look at mine!

Idea Capture and Drafting:

  • Drafts App: I use Drafts for all my ideas and initial writing. It allows me to easily capture quick thoughts and inspirations.
  • Starting and Developing Posts: I begin writing posts in Drafts. Sometimes, I even finish an entire post there. For longer pieces or when I need a more focused writing environment, I send the draft to either iA Writer or Ulysses.

Editing and Publishing:

  • Grammarly: Once my writing is complete, I use Grammarly to check for typos and punctuation errors.
  • After editing, I copy and paste the markdown text into, my blogging platform.
  • Email Distribution: Next, I paste the content again into Substack for email distribution to my subscribers.
  • Cross-Posting: Finally, I cross-post the blog content to Medium.

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