Medium’s improved distribution and discovery

The changes Medium has made hasn’t made much of a difference to the number of views that I get. For me, as a writer, this means I should be getting an increase in views from my 2800 followers but I’m not. This is disappointing.

These changes do make it easier for me as a reader to find and read the stories from the writers and publications that I follow.

Improved distribution and discovery

Medium’s most important job is to connect readers with the stories they most care about and the flip side — helping writers find and grow their audience. The big change we announced with our new mobile app is that we are going to be putting more emphasis on following people and publications, over the algorithmic feed. That change will be coming to the web, as well.

What it means is that both readers and writers have more control. As a reader, you won’t miss anything from the writers and thinkers you care about — regardless of how frequently they publish. As a writer, your distribution is more reliable — you can be assured that your followers will be notified when you publish. And there’s always a chance your posts will be recommended across additional Medium surfaces.

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