Mac menu bar utility: PopClip

PopClip is one of my favorite Mac utilities. I use it many times every day.

When I highlight text with my mouse or trackpad the PopClip actions menu pops up with options to do something with the text. If I don’t use it, it disappears as soon as I move the mouse or trackpad. This saves a lot of right-clicking.

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PopClip includes standard actions like copy, cut, paste, and delete. There are also extensions that get highlighted text into some of my favorite apps.

Here are a couple of examples of how I use PopClip. When I’m writing I often use the copy, cut, and past actions to move text around in my document. Occasionally, I’ll run across a website that doesn’t play well with Safari. To open it in another browser I can do ⌘ + L to highlight the web address in Safari. When I highlight the web address the PopClip action menu will appear and I then select Firefox from the menu. Walla I now have the page open in Firefox.

There are over 100 extensions that can be downloaded from the PopClip extension site.

One side note. Occasionally, the PopClip menu doesn’t appear when I make a selection. Other times I accidentally dismiss it. If this happens, I have to re-select the text to get the menu back again. That’s a pain. To solve the problem, I created a Keyboard Maestro macro with a hotkey trigger ⌥⇧P that brings up the menu when I need it.

Here’s the Keyboard Maestro macro:

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