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August 8, 2021

I wish I had a list of every book and every article that I have ever read. There have been times when I’ve read something and later wanted to go back and look at it again and not been able to find it. This is frustrating, so I’ve started logging everything that I read.

What’s so great about summer? — On my Om

Blogging Setup. Mac & iPad Parity. — //Jason Burk

Capitol Rioter Arrested After Church Friend Outed Him to FBI

A Comprehensive Approach to Personal Note-taking | by Cameron Flint’s Blog | Jul, 2021 | Medium

What I’ve Learned In A Year On Substack | by Alex Kantrowitz | Jul, 2021 | Medium

Work from home jobs may be a disaster for service workers and small businesses — Vox

Wi-Fi 6E Explained: What It Could Mean for iPhone 13 and Beyond — MacRumors

If You Dislike Chrome, You Should Hope for a More Aggressive Safari Team

‘I will not be silenced’: Women targeted in hack-and-leak attacks speak out about spyware

Magic Keyboards with Touch ID now available for standalone purchase — Six Colors

Opinion | Alex Azar: Americans Need to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine — The New York Times

Reasons for Vaccine Optimism — by Charlie Warzel — Galaxy Brain

3 Months to 40. I have been writing here, every day… | by M.G. Siegler | Aug, 2021 | Medium

Ulysses Gains Enhanced Blog Publishing and Session History Features — MacRumors

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has scored an $8 billion gain on American Express this year — and made $25 billion on the stock overall | Markets Insider

Pegasus spyware: Private photos of female journalists posted — 9to5Mac

I’m Back With You! — MyProductiveMac

Today I Got My Life Back. I dumped Windows 10 | by James Marinero | Jul, 2021 | Medium

Sen. Lindsey Graham tests positive for COVID-19 — Axios

F.D.A. Aims to Give Final Approval to Pfizer Vaccine by Early Next Month — The New York Times

Police Arrested Accused Capitol Rioter Dressed Like George Washington

NOAA’s updated hurricane outlook calls for even more storms in 2021 — Axios

Apple places female engineering program manager on administrative leave after tweeting about sexism in the office — The Verge

Chinese government moves against its tech industry — Axios

What’s on my iPhone (Aug 2021) — LJPUK

The Olympics reveal how conservatives are turning on America — Vox

The Hunt for Writing Apps. Two things I’m certain that I will… | by M.G. Siegler | Aug, 2021 | Medium

Out of water — On my Om

Tucker Carlson, Hungary, and the right’s embrace of authoritarianism — Vox

Moderna: We’ll Need COVID-19 Booster Shots by Winter As Protection Wanes

Senate Republicans About to Break With Trump As He Attacks Biden Infrastructure Bill

Are “Buy Now, Pay Later” Retail Loans a Rip-off? — The Markup

Bill Gates Says Epstein Relationship Was ‘a Huge Mistake’ — The New York Times

NCAA will return this fall to a new world of college athletics — Axios

‘Argylle’: Apple Lands Matthew Vaughn Spy Movie In $200 Million Deal — Deadline

Apple Brings Back the Dedicated Store Webpage — Pixel Envy

Mac Mini — Initial Charge

Review — Sofa 3.0 — MyProductiveMac

A Call For Help | No Mercy / No Malice

Obsidian Notes

Zoom and Prostitution

A Place for Everything — Rhymes With Diploma

Facebook scrapes some researchers — by Casey Newton — Platformer

Private Relay Data Slow-Down — MacSparky

Why an Olympian’s protest was a challenge to Belarus’s leader — Vox

USPS awards $120 million contract to Louis DeJoy’s former company XPO Logistics, raising ethics concerns — The Washington Post

Ex-GOP Rep. Riggleman Joins Staff of Jan. 6 Committee As an Advisor

Megan Rapinoe Hits Back at Trump’s ‘Sad Dig’ of US Women’s Soccer Team

Where did the words go? — On my Om

35K. Greetings from 35k feet. I have to say… | by M.G. Siegler | Aug, 2021 | Medium

As Is Ever So On The Road. The last time I took a trip, an actual… | by M.G. Siegler | Aug, 2021 | Medium

Yikes, Firefox Lost 46 Million Users in the Last Three Years

In Internal Memo, Apple Addresses Concerns Around New Child Safety Initiatives — Pixel Envy

Apple Walks a Privacy Tightrope to Spot Child Abuse in iCloud — Pixel Envy



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