Lance Armstrong interviews Brian Fogel Director of Icarus

On a recent episode of Lance Armstrong’s The Forward podcast Lance interviewed Brian Fogel the director of the recent Netflix documentary “Icarus” which is up for an Academy Award.

The documentary started out with Brian trying to prove that the system in place to test athletes for doping was bullshit. While conducting a human guinea-pig experiment in which he took performance-enhancing drugs to prepare for a race, he was connected with a Russian doctor who ended up blowing the whistle on a state-sponsored doping scheme that had been ongoing in Russia for decades. This ultimately led to the expulsion of Russia from the 2018 Olympics.

If you’re planning on watching Icarus I recommend you listen to Lance’s The Forward podcast where he interviews Brian Fogel. This will make the movie easier to follow. You also get the insight of a confessed doper.

Bryan Fogel — Part 1

Jan 29, 2018

Bryan Fogel joins Lance to discuss his Academy Award nominated Best Documentary, Icarus. They discuss Bryan’s original vision of the film and how that changed. Bryan goes into detail about he got to know former Russian anti doping lab director Grigory Rodchenkov. They review the doping program that Bryan was on to compete at the Haute Route. Part one concludes with Bryan elaborating on how Russia was able to circumvent the testing process during the Sochi Olympic Games.

Bryan Fogel — Part 2

Jan 30, 2018

Part two of the Bryan Fogel interview starts with Bryan discussing China’s ability to skate the doping controversy in Beijing. The two also discuss how much WADA is really doing in the doping battle in particular with the handling of Grigory and Russia. Lance and Bryan discuss the odd circumstances around the deaths to some of the key folks involved in the Russian lab. They close the conversation talking about living in fear of what has been produced by this film.

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