Is the Apple Silicon M1/8GB MacBook Air the one you should get?

I haven’t placed my order for a new M1 MacBook Air yet because I wasn’t sure whether I should get the 8GB or 16GB ram model. What I’ve been waiting for is for a review of the 8GB M1 MacBook Air. Stephen Hall at 9to5 Mac has done just that. And his review has convinced me that the 8GB model is the one that I should get.

Is the base MacBook Air M1/8GB powerful enough for you? — 9to5Mac

I think the clear answer is that, for the vast majority of people, even for those who lean on the “professional” side of laptop multitasking with several apps and a dozen browser tabs and multiple types of media playing at the same time, the base models of these computers with 8GB of RAM are going to be enough. Not only are they enough — it’s seriously difficult to get them to slow down.

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