How I lowered my cable bill

Our internet is with Optimum. We cut the cord several years so the only service we get is 200 GB internet. Last month our bill doubled from the previous month. After reviewing it, I noticed that a $45 promotional savings had expired.

From experience I knew that Optimum wouldn’t want to lose me as a customer. I figured that they would most likely be willing to do something about the price increase to keep me as a customer. So, I called customer service and asked to have the promotional savings reinstated. I hinted to the rep that I would be considering other options if they couldn’t. I was put on hold for a few minutes and when the rep came back he said that he could reinstate the promotional savings for another 12 months.

This feels dishonest. A customer shouldn’t have to call to get the best price. But you do. I see why they do it. I’m sure many people just accept the increase and move on. More money for the cable company.

If your cable bill goes up more than the amount of a normal price increase call and negotiate for a lower price.

One recommendation. When negotiating avoid threatening to cancel until the last minute. If you threaten to cancel, be careful because the rep may call your bluff. You don’t want to end up with canceled service when all you wanted was a lower price.

A similar thing happened with our Sirius XM subscription which I’ll write about in a couple of days.

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