Here’s how to batch export Ulysses sheets

Since Ulysses announced there subscription model it sounds like a lot of folks may be leaving the app. If your one of them here’s a way to batch export all your sheets to plain text files for use with other text based writing apps. I did this several months ago because I wanted a backup of all my writing in case something happened to Ulysses and I couldn’t get to it.

I did a search for Ulysses batch export and the only thing I found was an article by Eddie Smith explaining how to do it. Thank you for sharing this Eddie.

Eddie Smith, writing at Practically Efficient

Fortunately, you can batch export any group of Ulysses sheets to plain text by simply dragging them to an external folder. You have to add the external folder to Ulysses first. (You can’t just drag into the Finder because you’ll get unreadable .ulysses files.)

This worked perfect. I did have one issue of my own making. If like me, you’ve been dragging and dropping images into your sheet instead of using image links your going lose your images with this batch export method. I don’t use that many images so it was easy for me to get the URL’s and add them to my files.

Originally published at on August 31, 2017.

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