First computer

Day One daily writing prompt October 30, 2020

Well, that’s an interesting question? My introduction to personal computers was in the mid-1980’s. Wow! That was a long time ago. I had a Compaq portable that was my work computer and a Commodore 64 that I bought and used at home.

As I remember it, I got the Compaq first. I was using it to develop an inventory system to manage our tire inventory at work. I wanted to also be able to work on this project at home, so I bought the Commodore 64. Thinking back, I don’t think the Compaq and Commodore were compatible, so I don’t remember what exactly I was trying to accomplish. Maybe it was an excuse to get a computer of my own?

As you can see I’ve been into computing since the early days of personal computers. I find them fascinating, frustrating, and fun. Today I’m all in on Apple products. You know iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch. To this day I love reading and writing about technology.

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