I spent last week vacationing with friends in Lake Tahoe. Since we were there for several days we had time to have several discussions on a variety of topics.

One afternoon during lunch, I struck up a conversation about online tracking and privacy concerns. What I found was what I thought all along. Most folks aren’t that concerned about being tracked online. They feel like it’s something they have no control over and besides they say “I’m not doing anything wrong so why should I be concerned”.

Interestingly, one thing everyone agreed on was that they would rather not be tracked given a choice. But they weren’t willing to take the steps necessary to be proactive about stopping the tracking. I think this is the feeling for the majority of people.

I think people who feel this way about their privacy don’t know to what extent they’re actually being tracked while online and how the data that’s being collected is used.

With that in mind, today I ran across a blog post by the folks at Ghostmail about Why Privacy Is Important. It’s worth reading. Glenn Greenwald’s Ted Talk Why Privacy Matters is worth listening to. And you can also read my recent article: Online Tracking and Profiling Companies Know Most of What You Do Online. What You Need to Know.

Does privacy matter to you?

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