Can Bear replace Ulysses as my short form writing tool?

My writing is almost all short-form. I write posts for my blog and random thoughts. The longest posts that I write each year are my posts about the apps that I’m using on my Mac and iOS devices.

Here’s why I’m trying Bear. In a few months, my Bear and Ulysses subscriptions will be up for renewal. I’m wondering if I really need both? Bear has been my Evernote replacement since its inception so for that reason I know I will be renewing that subscription. What I’m wondering is if it can also be my writing app to replace Ulysses?

There’s a lot to like about Ulysses. I recently wrote about it here. But for short-form writing, it has far more features than I need or will ever use.

Here’s what sets Ulysses apart for me. So how does Bear compare?

  • Identical features across Mac and iOS. (Yes)
  • The unified library. I don’t like managing individual files. (Yes)
  • Clean distraction free writing environment. (Yes)
  • Selecting my font of choice. (No — Bear has fewer choices)
  • Publishing to Wordpress and Medium. (No — with Bear I have to copy as html and paste)
  • It’s just dead simple to use. (Yes)

Now, I need to convince myself that Bear can replace Ulysses. I know a lot of folks are using it for short-form writing as well as notes and here are a couple of examples.

The Best Writing Tool For Bloggers And Authors — Jeff Goins

For short-form writing: Bear. I use this to write all my email newsletters, blog posts, articles, and any short-form writing I do. I also use it to capture ideas throughout the day that I come back to later. It has effectively replaced MS Word and most of Evernote (which I used to use for note-taking) for me. Currently, this is only available for Mac and iOS.

I’m Alice Bradley, Deputy Editor of Lifehacker, and This Is How I Work

Besides your phone, what apps, gadgets, or tools can’t you live without? I heavily rely on Bear: I use it for all my writing, list-making, to-do list management, everything. Please never go away, Bear.”

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