Here I am sitting in front of a blank page with nothing to write. That’s what happens on a lot of days. I just have nothing to write about. Does that mean my life is boring? Do I need to expand my horizons? I don’t think so.

I’m retired. I live a simple country life. I have lots of chores to do. Some that I must do every day like care for our farm animals. Others can wait like today it’s cold outside. It’s just 35 with a feels like 27. When it’s that cold outdoor projects can wait for a warmer day.

Today I can take it easy. I can look at a blank page and not feel bad because I have nothing to write about. I’m happy with who I am and where I am. That’s what matters most.

But, don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy writing. I just don’t always have something to write about.

I write about whatever the f*ck I want to write about. RSS feed:

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