Balancing an iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and a MacBook Air

1 min readSep 19, 2023


Hey friends, as an Apple tech enthusiast, I’m truly grateful for the privilege of having the latest gadgets. Currently, I own an M1 MacBook Air, an M2 iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard, and an iPad Mini. You might be wondering how I use these three devices for different tasks so I thought I would share that with you today.

In recent months, my iPad Pro has become my preferred computing device. I love the versatility it offers with its combination of touch, keyboard, trackpad, mouse, and pencil. Plus, I’ve automated a lot of tasks on it using Siri Shortcuts and Drafts. Interestingly, I’ve become so accustomed to using my iPad that when I switch to my MacBook, I often catch myself trying to touch the screen. So here we go:

iPad Mini:

  • Content consumption which includes reading, watching, listening to, and interacting with a wide variety of content

iPad Pro:

  • Writing, editing and publishing blog posts
  • Journaling
  • Task management
  • Communication
  • Thinking

MacBook Air:

  • Research
  • File management

In summary, my tech workflow revolves around my iPad Mini and iPad Pro with my MacBook Air sitting on the sideline.




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